What Is Unified Communications As A Service?

In today’s world, enterprises are expected to incorporate advanced technology to enhance communication with their clients and customers. These businesses want easy reachability and response through a virtual platform. And this is where Unified communications as a service shines! UcaaS offers superb levels of personalization and control of office communication. Read along to know more about unified communication and how it works. 

Features Of Unified Communications As A Service

Unified communications as a service is a cloud-based mechanism which supports full-featured communication. The significant features or functions of UcaaS are:

  • Enterprise telephony

UCaaS systems come with high-quality voice and call recording features, which offer companies a method to speed up and improve conversations with customers through messages, phone, or video chats and calls.

  • Virtual meetings solutions(audio/video/web conferencing)

You can easily collaborate with employees from anywhere through UCaaS solutions. It is especially beneficial for remote workers. It supports file sharing, hosts conversations, and displays presentations from a desktop and smartphone.

  • Messaging- e-mail via voicemail and unified messaging

You can integrate any device with UCaaS technology to access social media chats, voice mailing, and transcriptions.

  • Instant messaging(IM) and presence (personal and team)

IM allows direct phone conversations, whereas the presence feature tracks work-related activities of an employee. It is also helpful for businesses employing remote workers, as they can access the data if the worker is not available.

  • Communications-enabled business processes: UcaaS integrates contact centers, communication platforms, and workstream collaboration

Businesses opt for UCaaS to offer employees work flexibility through use of software. Because it is internet-based, UCaaS can be used on both computers and smartphones. UCaaS is owned, hosted, and delivered by a provider. This means that ,as a businessperson, you do not need to worry about setting up the service. Services from the provider are charged monthly, annually, or on a subscription basis depending on your needs.

How Unified Communications As A Service works?

UCaaS works over the internet, and you do not need any additional Voice over Internet Protocol hardware for any service. Providers bear all the responsibility and offer security, backend configuration, and telephony functions. To operate phone numbers and voicemail notifications, Session Initiation Protocol is used. 

Example of UCaaS providers are Dialpad, Cisco, Mitel, RingCentral, Twilio, Voxbone, 8×8, and Zoom Video Communications.

Benefits Of UCaaS

  1. Low cost

It is cheaper compared to existing phone systems, as you do not have to pay for audio conferencing services, SMS text messages, third-party apps, and many more.

  1. Flexibility 

UCaaS solutions offer employees to work from anywhere without any special equipment and requirements. You just need a high-speed internet connection to enjoy features like IM, video conferencing, and file sharing  

  1. Streamline many communication tools

UCaaS joins separate communication channels into one. You can quickly set up a complete set of business communications apps with the help of IT professionals.

  1. Secure communication solutions

To get consistent and continuous services, UCaaS offers encrypted communication channels from any breach exposure.

Disadvantages Of UCaaS

  • Depends on high-speed internet
  • Limited emergency calling

With many offices opting to have employees work remotely, the need for UcaaS has never been greater. Integrating communication saves time, increases communication among team members, and gives employees a sense of control over their work.  Visit https://instantinfosystems.com/solutions/ucaas/ and see what UcaaS can do for your business.

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