Transactional Email

Fast and Secure Email Delivery Directly from Your Business Applications

Fast and Secure Email Delivery Directly from Your Business Applications

The fastest way to lose a customer is with slow response times. Customers love quick responses to their inquiries and interactions, and Transactional Email does just that. 

Whether it be an order confirmation, password reset, newsletter send out, or status update – transactional email plays a big part in connecting quicker with your customers and improving the overall customer experience. Learn how reliable delivery of high performance emails can improve your relationship with your customers and build customer loyalty.

What is Transactional Email?

Transactional Emails are automated emails between a sender and recipient, generated as a result of an action taken by the recipient. Transactional emails differ from a typical marketing email because they are triggered by interactions, events, or changes of preferences within an application by a consumer. Some types of transactional email include:

  • Password Resets
  • Order/Purchase Confirmation
  • Status Updates on Products or Services
  • Newsletters
  • Customer Feedback 
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment

Key Benefits of Implementing Transactional Email

Reputation Management

Your company’s sender reputation plays a large part in maintaining a high delivery and open rate for your emails. Oftentimes, large volume emails are labeled as spam and limit the success of marketing efforts. There are two key factors to understand in reputation management: Unsubscribes and Bounces. 

Having a list-unsubscribe header is an important factor to honor recipients who no longer want to receive messages. Although it may seem to go against any marketer’s first intuition, allowing customers to opt out supports a brand’s reputation and prevents emails from being marked as spam. 

Maintaining bounce management and suppression lists can prevent your organization’s email reputation from deteriorating. Hard bounces from email sends must be recognized and discontinued to avoid any impact on the sender’s reputation.

Advantages of Retarus Transactional Email

Retarus is one of the leading providers of Transactional Email and offers the best inbox delivery rate due to first-class reputation management and CSA certification. Their in-house support and enhanced service management options allow you to choose the best solution for your needs. 

  • Multi-level SLAs
  • Sophisticated reputation management including dynamic IP routings according to sender domain
  • Adherence to international compliance requirements, optional local data processing
  • Professional support from setup to operation of process
  • Encryption and virus check options for attachments

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Learn how Transactional Email can help you connect quicker with your customers and reduce your dependency on production fax. Join Instant InfoSystems and Retarus for an informative webinar where we will discuss:

  • How Transactional Email can replace Production Faxing for faster automated communications
  • How you can send fast and secure emails directly from your business applications
  • How Transactional Email can improve the customer experience and create stronger customer relationships

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