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Cloud Communications

Many companies are turning to cloud solutions to decrease IT complexity and drive ROI. For many organizations, cloud solutions can be more secure, predictable and scalable than on-premise solutions. Most importantly, the right cloud solutions can help organizations improve their customers’ experience and have a measurable impact on customer loyalty, growth, and the bottom line.

Fax in the Cloud

Cloud fax solutions such as etherFAX and stratafax reduce costs by eliminating software, hardware and maintenance costs, eliminating phone lines, and leveraging the investments made in your existing on-premise fax infrastructure. Here are some of the benefits organizations are realizing by moving to their fax server to the cloud:

  • Improved ROI by extending the investment already made in fax
  • Elimination of fax telephony hardware and associated maintenance costs
  • Reduced fax transmission costs by moving fax transmission to the cloud
  • Full control of sensitive data, ensuring the highest degree of security and compliance
  • Tight integration with enterprise information systems such as ERP, CRM, and HIS

Enterprise Fax

The enterprise fax server remains an integral and critical component to many enterprise communications environments. Email/Fax Integration: Unify fax and email in a single inbox for more efficient message management. Production Fax Automation: Automate delivery of invoices, purchase orders and other mission critical documents. MFP FAX: Consolidate document development, duplication and distribution capabilities. Enterprise Fax Consolidation: Streamline document delivery services across the organization. Virtualization and FoIP: Virtualize your fax environment to reduce costs, centralize networks, consolidate servers and provide higher availability and reliability.

Fax & Healthcare

Fax is the most trusted and ubiquitous method for secure, compliant digital document transmission in the highly-regulated healthcare sector. Healthcare organizations face increasing demands from patients and healthcare providers for high quality care and the payers need for cost control. These challenges are compounded by privacy concerns and heightened regulatory requirements. The same companies are feeling increasing pressure to digitize content, improve internal workflow processes, ensure regulatory compliance of electronic medical records (EMRs), and deliver information more quickly. These problems must be solved while reducing costs and safeguarding information security.


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