Document Process Automation

Automate the manual task of processing documents for improved accuracy and productivity

Re-engineer the error-prone task of manually processing documents

Intelligent document process automation re-engineers manual document processes, helping organizations to save both time and money, by eliminating inefficiencies and errors from your business.

This solution offers multi-channel ingestion, machine learning, document automation, classification, smart OCR engine mapping capabilities including built-in workflows that can handle every type of fax or document, from simple forms to complex free-form documents.

It can also feed captured data into content-driven business applications such as RPA, ECMs, EFSS, ERPs and EHRs, helping organizations focus on higher priority goals.


Key Benefits and Features of Document Process Automation

Key Benefits
  • 100% Cloud Managed
  • Able to handle High and Low Volume
  • Supports both Physical & Digital Input
  • Reduced Data Errors
  • No Need to Create Invoice Templates
  • Lower Processing Costs and TCO
  • Fast Deployment without Hardware
  • Greater Process and Status Visibility
Key Features
  • Secure Contactless Capture
  • Multi-Channel Ingestion
  • Machine Learning and Advanced Recognition
  • Automated Classification and Extraction
  • Smart OCR Engine Mapping
  • Built-in Workflows
  • Advanced Tracking and Analytics
  • Multi-App Integrations

Automation for Cloud Faxing

Companies that have outgrown their fax systems or need to replace aging equipment will struggle with send/receive errors, loss of content, fax failures, busy signals, and other problems that impede communication and lead to negative outcomes.

Organizations are turning to enterprise-grade cloud faxing to make back-office information exchanges reliable, highly available, and secure while lowering the total cost of ownership.

By automating your cloud faxing environment, it enables omni-channel inputs for capturing everything from faxes. It provides further operational efficiency by classifying and routing data that comes into the organization and automating processes for standard and complex documents.

Key Benefits for Cloud Faxing
  • Zero Capital Expenditure
  • Infinite Enterprise Scalability
  • Eliminate Traditional Telephone Lines
  • Integrate Fax with Any Application
  • Fast Setup and Configuration
  • Keep Existing Fax Number

About Process Fusion

Process Fusion is a leading digital transformation cloud solutions provider, helping organizations eliminate or minimize manual processes to free up time for more meaningful tasks.

Instant InfoSystems is an Authorized Solution Provider of Process Fusion products and services.

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