Cyber Security: Prevention and Post-Attack Response

Cyber attacks are known as orchestrated launches by cybercriminals either from a single computer or multiple networks. These criminals are in search of business financial details, customer information, login credentials, and other confidential information. According to a Clark School study, a cybercrime occurs once every 36 seconds. It’s important for organizations to understand how cybercrime works in order to sufficiently prevent attacks. 

In this era of data breaches and cyber crime, hackers do whatever it takes to trick you into giving information away so they can utilize it. The most common way is through phishing, where a hacker sends an email with a coded link to a virus or falsified website. Depending on the code that the link has been encrypted with, this simple click could lead to disastrous consequences for any company. 

Preventing a data breach requires both awareness and protection. One way to prevent an attack is to employ a Zero Trust policy. One of the leaders in Zero Trust policy, Appgate, will be providing a deep dive into why Zero Trust is critical to protecting your organization. 

Another common challenge many companies face is a lack of internal resources and skilled expertise to protect their organizations and respond to an attack. Companies without a dedicated cyber security team or CISO can greatly benefit from outsourcing this mission critical responsibility. Trustwave’s SpiderLabs team provides industry-leading managed security services and technologies to help companies fill the security defense gap. 

Learn more here about how you can better protect your organization at our cyber security deep dive with our featured presenters Appgate and Trustwave. Join us on November 9th and 10th at 10:00am-11:00am PST for a closer look into protecting your organization against attacks, and the tools, technologies, and solutions available to help in the event an attack does happen. 

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