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For over 25 years, Instant InfoSystems has been providing its customers with innovative fax solutions to streamline business processes, improve security, and optimize operational networks. We do this through a team of highly skilled and trained professionals. Our Technical Support team is made up of specialized  fax engineers — with over 25 years of fax expertise — ready to solve your most complex technical challenges whenever they occur. Keep reading to learn more about the individuals on the other end of the line when you call Instant InfoSystems for technical support. 

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Meet the Team

Derrick Smith, Manager, Technical Support

The person in charge of making sure our technical support operations are running smoothly is Derrick Smith, Manager of Technical Support. Derrick was one of the first employees at Instant InfoSystems and has been the cornerstone of our Tech Support operations for over 25 years. Derrick believes that when our customers call, it’s vital to look below the surface of the problem and understand the bigger picture of the issue at hand, rather than simply looking at the tip of the iceberg. The key, he says, is to listen closely to the details of the problem, but also interpret what a customer’s real needs are in order to find issues that weren’t originally called to attention. 

On a personal note, Derrick is the proud father of two daughters. Raising his girls has definitely helped him understand the importance of clear communication — a  skill he applies at work and home every day.

Michael Fredona, Technical Support Engineer

Michael Fredona has been a part of our Technical Support team since 2019 and brings with him over nearly a decade of fax-related expertise. Over the last three years, Michael has seen a pattern of  customers calling about a similar problem, but noticed there was usually a different cause for each issue. That’s why he believes in approaching each situation as if it were, in his words, “a brand new patient.” He also understands the importance of looking beyond the fax server to understand how the surrounding applications are affecting its performance. 

Michael enjoys working with technology in and out of the office and hosts a YouTube Channel focused on flight simulation. Not only can he help you with your  fax issues, but he can also take you on a virtual flight! 

Robert Hentz, Technical Support Engineer

Robert has been a part of Instant InfoSystems since 2018 and brings over 13 years of fax expertise with him. He notices that a majority of calls he receives have multiple symptoms that add up to a much larger problem. When attempting to diagnose the main issue, the team often relies on one another to collaborate in order to ensure they find the most accurate solution as quickly as possible. 

According to Robert, one of the most valuable benefits of an Instant InfoSystems Technical Support Plan is that when you call IIS Tech Support for help, you not only get the expertise of the engineer on your call, but you benefit from the nearly 50 years of  collective expertise of the entire organization. We couldn’t agree more Robert!

Our team is made of individuals who truly care about the success of our customers. They bring extensive technical certifications, including Windows MCP, MCSA, MCSE, Microsoft SQL, SharePoint and Exchange, and dedicated training on all major fax solutions. 

I've been in your shoes, we’ve done installations, troubleshoots, and we understand you’re under pressure. I just want my customers to call and know that they’ll be taken care of because they’re talking to someone that they’re familiar with.”

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