Retarus Cloud Fax Services

Whether you are using fax in one or twenty locations, or are interested in desktop or application faxing, Retarus Cloud Fax Services allow you to fax reliably and securely at all times without needing to run your own fax servers or any additional hardware and software. Send and receive faxes directly from your desktop or business application,
and dramatically increase the efficiency of your fax communication. 

Retarus Cloud Services for Applications

The world’s first managed service that allows you to communicate directly from your business application via email, fax, SMS and EDI with just a single interface. This gives you maximum flexibility without the need to install a specific infrastructure. Connect your business applications directly to Retarus’ Fax Cloud. By separating desktop fax and application fax you secure your process-relevant fax communication optimally. In this way, you can send documents such as offers, order confirmations, orders and delivery notifications inexpensively, quickly and securely. Thanks to Retarus’ NeverBusy technology your delivery rate actually rises to 99.9 percent.

Retarus Cloud Services for Desktops & Devices

Experience the seamless flow of information with your business partners. With fully scalable fax and SMS communication directly from and to your email client or windows applications.

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