Move Your Enterprise Fax Applications To The Cloud

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FIVE Benefits to Moving your 
Enterprise Fax Applications to the Cloud

If you manage your enterprise fax applications, take a look at this information-packed webinar held on Thursday, June 21, at 10:00 am PT / 1:00 PM ET


Many companies rely on production faxing from their enterprise applications for key processes within the organization. However, sending these documents through a traditional fax server creates additional points of failure, increases administration and maintenance costs, and often does not provide the level of reporting and monitoring required for mission critical applications.

In this webinar we demonstrate how eliminating the fax server eliminates these problems. You’ll see how easy it is to fax directly from your enterprise applications using the etherFAX Integration Module and Direct API, and hear how companies have saved money, reduced downtime, increased security, improved efficiencies, and gained valuable insight into their mission critical production faxing applications.

In this informative presentation and technical overview you will:

  • Learn the FIVE KEY BENEFITS to bypassing the fax server in your enterprise applications, and how it’s easier than you think
  • Hear about specific customers who have successfully eliminated their fax server and saved money, improved security, and streamlined their fax applications in the process
  • Learn the differences between the etherFAX Integration Module and the Direct API and which method is best for you

In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll hear from:

  • Paul Banco, CEO of etherFAXon the growing market demand to eliminate the fax server from critical fax applications
  • Juan Cueva, Director of Technical Servicesfor Instant InfoSystems who oversees the organization’s most complex deployments
  • Ken Anaya, Account Managerfor Instant InfoSystems with specific customer case studies from organizations who have successfully eliminated the fax server from their production faxing

Who will benefit from this presentation?

  • Anyone responsible for managing enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, EHR/EMR, etc.)
    • Application developers
    • Database managers
  • Anyone concerned with the efficiency, cost, and security of enterprise fax applications
  • Anyone who wants to move their fax applications to the 21stcentury and eliminate FCLs


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