The technology landscape is changing. Is your fax server keeping up?

Changes are happening to many of the software and hardware components in and around your fax server. As technology continues to evolve, is your fax server keeping up?

As the fax experts for over 25 years, Instant InfoSystems can help you identify changes in your computing environment that could impact your fax applications, and make recommendations for software or hardware upgrades, replacements, or alternative solutions.

If your fax server is using Basic Authentication in Exchange Online, running on Windows 2008 or earlier, or using certain Dialogic® Gateways, it may be time to upgrade. Read on for more details about these technology changes. Or, give us a call at (310) 750.7200 to speak with a Fax Specialist and learn how these changes could affect your fax environment.

Modern Authentication for EWS and POP

On October 13, 2020, Microsoft® will disable Basic Authentication in Exchange Online and will enforce Modern Authentication for Exchange Web Services (EWS) and POP mail services.

Depending on your fax server software, you may be eligible for a service release to address this change or you may be required to upgrade the software.

If you are an IIS customer with an IIS Best Effort Support Agreement, now is the time to evaluate alternative fax solutions or consider returning to a manufacturer maintenance agreement if a software upgrade is required.

Please note, this affects organizations using Office 365 for email as well as organizations with on-premise Exchange servers where Modern Authentication is manually enforced.

To determine if your software version is eligible for a service update or will require a software upgrade, please contact us at (310) 750-7200 or info@instantinfo.com.

Windows 2008 End-of-Life

Support for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 ended on January 14, 2020. Windows 2008 is no longer receiving regular security updates which could jeopardize the security and performance of your fax applications. Now is the time to upgrade your fax servers to Azure.

For more information, visit the End of Support for Windows Server page or contact IIS for a free assessment of your fax server to determine if your fax environment is as risk.

Sangoma Dialogic Gateways End-of-Life

Sangoma has also announced the end-of-life of several Dialogic® DMG 2000 series gateways. Unless upgraded, these gateways could negatively impact fax transmissions. These gateways are being replaced by the Vega 400GF, which is a variation of the Vega 400G specifically designed for fax customers. The Vega 400GF includes hardware Error Correction and a High Precision Clock for accurate fax transmission.

If you are using any of these Dialogic Gateways, now is the time to upgrade or consider moving your fax transmissions to the cloud. Visit Sangoma for a complete list of all product End-of-Sales and End-of-Life dates and contact IIS for more information on the Vega 400GF or cloud fax options.

RightFax™ and COM API

Based on recent customer installations of RightFax™ version 16.6, we have learned the COM API is no longer included in the upgrade. If you are using the COM API to integrate existing applications with RightFax™ and are considering upgrading, you will need to update your code to communicate via the updated Web Services API.

If any of these changes could impact your fax environment, reach out to an IIS Fax Specialist at
(310) 750.7200 or info@instantinfo.com for a FREE Fax Health Check to determine how to best protect your mission critical fax environment.

Instant InfoSystems™, IIS™, and Information Meets Expertise™ are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Instant InfoSystems. The names of other companies, products, and services are the exclusive properties, trademarks, or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Instant InfoSystems is an independent provider of RightFax™ services and support. RightFax™ is a registered trademark of OpenText™ Corporation. Instant InfoSystems is not an authorized partner of OpenText™ or reseller of OpenText™ products or support plans.

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