IIS Supplemental Support Plan

The IIS Supplemental Support Plan provides an added layer of support for companies looking to protect their mission-critical RightFax™ environments 

Instant InfoSystems has been providing world-class RightFax™ Support for over 25 years*. Our senior fax engineers have earned numerous technical certifications in the critical applications which surround RightFax™. Now, as an independent provider of fax solutions and support, Instant InfoSystems continues to provide superior technical support and services to the RightFax™ community.

The IIS Supplemental Support Plan provides an extra layer of protection for mission critical RightFax™ environments, in addition to the support provided by the OpenText™ support plan. With the IIS Supplemental Support Plan, you benefit from:

  • First line technical support from Instant InfoSystems available 12×5 or 24x7x365
  • Average hold times of under two minutes—with calls answered by a fax specialist ready to help
  • North American-based technical support team staffed with seasoned fax experts and RightFax™ specialists
  • “One stop shop” for all RightFax™ support issues
  • Escalation to OpenText™, if needed, with your OpenText™ Support contract
  • Access to RightFax™ software maintenance, updates, and Knowledge Center with your OpenText™ Support contract

Because of our depth of expertise, we are able to resolve most incidents without escalation to OpenText™. However, should your incident require escalation, your OpenText™ Support Plan will ensure you have access to OpenText™ Support and all necessary software patches, maintenance updates, etc.

The IIS Supplemental Support Plan provides the best of both worlds – the superior level of service, support, responsiveness, and technical expertise from Instant InfoSystems with the escalation privileges, software maintenance, and Knowledge Center access available with your OpenText™ support plan.

 To learn more about the IIS Supplemental Support Program, contact an IIS Fax Specialist today.


*Instant InfoSystems is an independent provider of RightFax™ services and support. OpenText™ RightFax™ is a registered trademark of OpenText™ Corporation. Instant InfoSystems is not an authorized partner of OpenText™ or reseller of OpenText™ products or OpenText™ support plans.


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