stratafax Announces New Features

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stratafax™ is the reliable, secure, and economic alternative to on-premise fax solutions. stratafax eliminates fax machines, fax servers, and all associated fax hardware and moves inbound and outbound faxing to the cloud. This cloud-based architecture frees your organization from the high costs of on-staff administrators and hardware maintenance, while ensuring your company’s mission critical fax documents are sent and received securely, confidentially, and with 99.99% reliability.

stratafax has recently added three new and noteworthy features:

Single Sign-on (SSO) with Azure Active Directory

Single Sign-on allows employees in a company to access all the company applications with one set of credentials. Depending on the company, the credentials can include email, phone number or username, along with the password. The company routes all logins through an IDP (Identity Provider) with which the company has a purchased license. The IDP usually hosts a login page for the employees to enter their company credentials before entering any application. Single Sign-on provides better security with the central authentication point, limiting the possibility of phishing.

SSO works with your stratafax online account and the stratafax web applications.

Auto Print Utility

Auto Print Utility allows customers to setup Auto Printing to printers on their network, without the need of a VPN connection. Jobs are received into stratafax. The Auto Print Utility is configured to poll the mapped stratafax users for any inbound job, pull them down locally and print them to the defined printers on the customer’s network. The Auto Print Utility runs as a Windows Service and automatically prints any newly received faxes.

Windows 10 Support

stratafax now supports Windows 10 — without requiring .Net 3.5. In response to customer requests and feedback, stratafax removed the dependencies in the driver for .Net 3.5 in this latest update.

Since Windows 10 does not come with .Net 3.5, some customers were required to download it to be able to install the Printer Driver.  Now that this dependency has been removed, there is a better compatibility with Windows 10.

These new features are now available in all new stratafax implementations and as an upgrade to existing installations. For more information on any of these new features, contact IIS or download the following stratafax Technical Notes:

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