Star2Star Blended Architecture

Combining the best of On-Premise and Hosted Technology 

Using the exclusive Star2Star Blended Architecture(tm) technology, Star2Star combines an on-premise Cloud Communication Manager (called the Starbox) with a broad range of hosted services. The result is a feature-rich and highly reliable communications solution for your business. Unlike other solutions which are purely cloud-based or purely on-premise, Star2Star offers the benefits of both options while also overcoming the drawbacks of each.




The StarBox Cloud Connection Manager is an on-premise, self-contained digital communication device. It runs on operating software from flash or solid-state disk memory, so there’s no risk of hard drive failure.

The Cloud Connection Manager connects over the Internet to Star2Star’s Constellation network. This network utilizes an array of call routing nodes and data centers, distributed across the country. The Constellation technology continually collects data about the performance of each node, as well as the performance of the Internet traffic surrounding each node. It then uses data collected from the nodes to determine the best call routing to use for each call placed on every Star2Star customer system.


To learn more about the benefits of the Star2Star Blended Architecture, download the
Star2Star Blended Architecture WhitePaper