RightFax™ Support Renewal Policies

support renewal policies could have a financial impact on your RightFax™ support renewal

If you use RightFax™ and currently have a RightFax™ support agreement, we’d like to make you aware of renewal policies in the OpenText™ Protect™ Software Maintenance Program that may have a financial impact on your support renewal. These policies specifically apply to reductions in the number of server licenses or software modules and the fees assessed by OpenText™ for late renewals.

If you choose to reduce the size of your RightFax™ infrastructure by reducing the number of server licenses or the software modules currently installed, here are some policies you should be aware of: 

  • You must provide written notification of this intended change to OpenText™ at least 90 days prior to the expiration of your support contract. If you DO NOT provide 90 days’ notice, OpenText™ will not make adjustments to your maintenance fees for any decommissioned servers or modules until your subsequent renewal date.
  • If you DO provide 90 days’ notice, your maintenance fees may be adjusted at the “sole discretion” of OpenText™.
  • The maintenance charges for the remaining Covered Software shall be re-priced, and in some cases that price may be higher than the existing price.

You can read the full policy from Section 5.3 of the OpenText Protect™ Software Maintenance Program Handbook here:

“5.3 Reductions

All requests to renew OT Protect Software Maintenance Program on a fewer number of licenses or modules for software than is currently covered under maintenance and support must be submitted in writing to OT no less than 90 days prior to the expiration of the then-current Term. Acceptance of any requests to align fees for the remaining software is at OT’s sole discretion. If OT accepts such a request, OT shall only provide Updates and software support for the number and type of licenses included in your then remaining Covered Software being renewed under maintenance and support. The maintenance charges for the remaining Covered Software shall be re-priced in accordance with the current list price for OT Protect Software Maintenance which may be in excess of the existing price. In such an event, the fees that would apply to each license may differ from any earlier Terms (for example, previously granted fee discounts are not applicable).”

Further, if you do not renew your support agreement prior to the expiration date, OpenText™ will assess a “fee determined by OpenText” to reinstate your support agreement. You can read the full policy from Section 5.4 of the OpenText Protect™ Software Maintenance Program Handbook here:

“5.4 Lapse and Reinstatement

If you do not renew a Term of the OT Protect Software Maintenance Program for the Covered Software, you may, upon agreement by OT, subsequently purchase OT Protect Software Maintenance Program services for said Covered Software for a fee to be determined by OT at time of request. However, in addition to the fee for the new Term, which shall be a minimum of 12 months, you will need to pay the fees that would have been payable had you continued the OT Protect Software Maintenance Program uninterrupted. The fees charged to re-instate the OT Protect Software Maintenance Program are subject to a surcharge for each lapsed month, including the month of reinstatement. Future reinstatement of software removed as a part of a reduction as described in Section 5.3 is subject to payment of back-maintenance fees and lapsed month surcharges. OT will confirm fees for reinstatement at the time the request is made for reinstatement.”

If you would like assistance determining if this OpenText™ policy applies to you, please contact an IIS Support Renewal Specialist so we can assist you and help avoid any fees or penalties imposed by OpenText™.

Additionally, if you are currently using RightFax™ 10.5 or 10.6, you should be aware OpenText™ has announced the Sustaining Maintenance of RightFax™ 10.5 in November, 2016, and RightFax™ 10.6 in November, 2018. According to OpenText™, once a product reaches the “Sustaining Maintenance” phase, no new development for patches, bug fixes, or features will be performed. You can read more about the RightFax™ LifeCycle here.

With the upcoming expiration of your RightFax™ Support contract and the announced Sustaining Maintenance phase of RightFax™ versions 10.5 and 10.6, now is the time to consider alternative fax solutions that may better suit your needs. With more than 20 years in the fax business, and expertise in a broad range of fax solutions, Instant InfoSystems is in the unique position to understand your business challenges and recommend the product that is right for you. Contact an IIS Fax Specialist to learn more.

Instant InfoSystems is an independent provider of OpenText™ RightFax™ services and support.

OpenText™ RightFax™ is a registered trademark of OpenText™ Corporation. Instant InfoSystems is not an authorized partner of OpenText™ or reseller of OpenText™ products or OpenText™ support plans.

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