Upgrades and Migrations

As the Fax Experts for over 20 years, Instant InfoSystems has migrated and upgraded organization’s fax systems thousands of times. Through the years, we have developed and recommended different forms of migrations and upgrading depending on a customers environment, downtime needed, faxes on server, etc.  In order to get an understanding of what model best fits your organization, please email us at info@instantinfosystems.com or give us a call at (310) 750-7200. 

Instant InfoSystems Migration Tool

The recommended migration and upgrade path for many organizations.  The Instant InfoSystems Migration tool allows organizations to feel safe and secure when migrating and upgrading their data to a new version or server. 

  • Tool developed by Instant InfoSystems to move data from one Fax Server to another
  • Differential data migrations allows you to start, stop and then restart migrations allowing you to restart a migration after a failure, where you left off
  • Creates a migration report allowing you to have important information about your migration and upgrade
  • Ability to do a data comparison between two servers to ensure mirroring
  • Inability to migrate specific users or within specific date ranges

Database Upgrade

Recommended for organizations migrating a single stand-alone Fax Server to another

  • Current fax server is brought out of production and replaced with a copied upgraded fax server
  • Quickest way to move data to an upgraded fax server
  • Cannot be done when migrating to an already built collective or consolidating multiple servers into one
  • Can be a complex technical procedure



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