RightFax™ Sustaining Maintenance

Many of our customers have asked about the RightFax™ Life Cycle and the definition of Sustaining Maintenance. According to the OpenText™ Protect Software Maintenance Program Handbook:

“OT will support each major/minor version (for example, 9.x) of the Covered Software for a period of, in most instances*, sixty (60) months after the major/minor version release is generally made available to OT’s customers (Current Maintenance). After the expiration of the Current Maintenance term, the Product enters the Sustaining Maintenance phase of the product lifecycle. When a product is considered to be in Sustaining Maintenance, no new Services Packs and Patches are released for general use. Errors and enhancement requests may still be reported. Migration to a Current Maintenance version may be required in order to address an issue.

“*The length of term of the Product Support Lifecycle may vary depending on the product and version. Please refer to the Customer Service Portal product page for specific lifecycle terms.”


IMPORTANT: RightFax 10.5 went into Sustaining Maintenance in November, 2016, and no new Service Packs and Patches will be released for general use. If you are currently using RightFax™ version 10.5 and require software maintenance, you may be required to upgrade to RightFax™ version 10.6. However, keep in mind, RightFax™ version 10.6 will only be maintained under the Current Maintenance program until November 2018.

Rest assured, Instant InfoSystems will continue to provide Technical Support and Services for your RightFax™ environment for as long as you have an IIS Support Agreement. If you would like to discuss alternatives to RightFax™, please contact one of our Fax Product Specialists and we will be happy to discuss your options and determine the best fax solution to meet your needs.


RightFax™ Version
Maintenance Status Sustaining Maintenance Date

RightFax™ 10.6

Current Maintenance

November, 2018

RightFax™ 10.5

Sustaining Maintenance

November 11, 2016

RightFax™ 10.0

Sustaining Maintenance

July 17, 2015

RightFax™ 9.4

Sustaining Maintenance

May 31, 2014

RightFax™ 9.3

Sustaining Maintenance

December 31, 2011

RightFax™ 9.0

Sustaining Maintenance

October 1, 2009

RightFax™ 8.7

Sustaining Maintenance

September 9, 2008

RightFax™ 8.5

Sustaining Maintenance

February 17, 2006

RightFax™ 8.0

Sustaining Maintenance

September 30, 2004



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