Virtualization and Fax Over IP Learning Center

As more organizations look to virtualize applications in order to reduce costs, centralize networks and consolidate servers, one key application that should not be overlooked is fax. Instant InfoSystems (IIS), one of the largest independent Fax Solution Providers, can help.

Here, in this one-stop learning center, you will find a wealth of information to help you better understand the many benefits of virtualizing your fax environment. 

The ABC’s of FoIP – Webinar

What is Fax over IP? This question can elicit complicated answers that can result in confusion on behalf of a customer. In this webinar, attendees will get back to the basics surrounding FoIP. The “ABC’s of FoIP” will look to provide a clear understanding of FoIP and fax virtualization. Join experts from Instant InfoSystems and Dialogic for this highly educational and focused webinar on FoIP that will be the building block of information for your organization if you are interested in saving money, consolidating servers and becoming energy efficient.

Reduce Fax Costs by Virtualization – Webinar

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Quinn Corey, former Product Specialist with Dialogic, the leading manufacturer of fax technology hardware and software, discuss the cost savings associated with virtualizing your fax environment and migrating to FoIP. The webinar reviews why, how and when an organization should consider migrating to FoIP and who can benefit from the migration. Viewers will learn about the implementation process and the simple process of upgrading from manual fax machines or fax servers to a virtual FoIP server.

The Benefits of Fax over IP – Podcast

Instant InfoSystems partners with one of the utmost experts on FoIP, David Chernicoff a Windows IT Pro fax consultant, to discuss the cost-effective benefits of FoIP. The podcast examines why an organization that deployed a Voice over IP system can easily upgrade and support fax virtualization and FoIP, and why VoIP is not a requirement for FoIP. Listeners will learn specific benefits organizations receive when virtualizing their network fax server and the interoperability available when upgrading.