AventX Connector for SAP ERP

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Sending a fax directly from SAP can be a cumbersome and time consuming process without an integrated third party solution. As a result, many companies settle for standard email delivery of documents which lacks confirmation and security. 

STR Software’s AventX solves this problem. 

AventX Connector for SAP® ERP allows companies to fax purchase orders, invoices, or any other mission critical document from within SAP, without any customizations to the environment. For companies who prefer email communication but also require confirmation of receipt, the AventX Mail SC option provides detailed email tracking to guarantee documents were accessed by the intended recipient.

Plus, for users of Biscom’s FAXCOM product, users can safely and securely fax documents directly from SAP using the feature-rich FAXCOM interface. This robust integration provides the ease and flexibility of faxing directly from SAP, with the rich user interface, security, and robust features of the FAXCOM product.


Key Features

  • Integrates with Biscom’s FAXCOM product 
  • Reports real-time delivery status notifications in SAPoffice
  • Allows users to modify, re-send or cancel a document transmission
  • Offers a web-based interface for monitoring and managing documents
  • Provides tracking and delivery confirmation for documents sent with AventX Mail SC


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