Capture key data — and free yourself from time-intensive, error-prone manual processing.

It’s hard to keep up with the demands of business if you’re constantly chasing down documents and processing their information manually. InfoPoint Capture can change all of that. Our comprehensive solution captures and processes key data that can automate workflows and be securely archived for quick, easy retrieval. By capturing key data as it comes in, your organization can:

  • Cut data entry costs and errors
  • Boost efficiency by automating workflows
  • Keep data searchable and secure
  • Assure compliance

InfoPoint Capture: the one solution to all your scanning and capture needs.

Documents come into your organization in a myriad of ways — via paper, fax, email, online forms and electronic files such as PDFs and TIFFs. InfoPoint Capture works with all of these types of documents, converting unstructured content to structured data that can be processed automatically and retrieved easily. InfoPoint Capture consolidates and standardizes this data, allowing it to be managed from a single interface. And with support for numerous applications, InfoPoint Capture gives you the flexibility you need to manage data more efficiently within your most critical business processes. InfoPoint Capture is powered by PSIGEN™, a leader in data capture technology. Its simple configuration and easy-to-use interface allow for quick deployment and adaptation, for an accelerated return on investment. To learn more, download the InfoPoint Capture Datasheet.