Put your documents to work — with InfoPoint.

InfoPoint Document Automation Is your business drowning in paper? Does it take too long to track down files? Are you concerned about data entry costs and errors? InfoPoint offers a smarter way to manage critical documents and their data. Our comprehensive Intelligent Document Automation solution frees your business from processing documents manually — cutting costs, boosting efficiency and improving accuracy. InfoPoint features three key components that can stand-alone or work in sync, across the document lifecycle. You can employ all three components — or use them individually — to meet your company’s (or department’s) specific needs.

Data Capture

InfoPoint scans and captures key data as it enters your organization, from nearly any source (fax, email, online forms, etc.). The data is consolidated and standardized to a single platform for use in automated workflow applications.

Automated Fax Processing

InfoPoint lets you automate your business processes, so documents are routed automatically based on your specific rules. It also lets you review workflow activities and automate common SharePoint administrative tasks.   To learn more, download the InfoPoint Overview Datasheet. Click Here to see the InfoPoint Webinar