Biscom Hybrid Fax — The Best of Both Worlds

Get the benefit of cloud technology with the performance of a dedicated, on-premise server.

Business Continuity

The hybrid architecture is designed to ensure continuous operations. Biscom enterprise fax servers and cloud fax service can be configured to automatically fail-over to each other — the user-interface remains the same. If local telephone lines or systems go down, traffic is rerouted to the hosted fax service. If the Internet connection drops, traffic is rerouted to the fax server.

Overflow/Peak Load

When you face exceptional time periods where the demands on systems can outweigh capacity, the fax server can handle the typical, everyday fax traffic loads. When the load crosses a threshold, overflow can be automatically directly he cloud fax service.

Co-Exists With Third Party Legacy Fax Servers

Using a legacy fax server from another vendor? No problem. Use our cloud fax solution and redirect your existing email-to-fax to our cloud fax service whenever you need an overflow or emergency backup system.

World Class Service

Having the best technology in place is only part of what makes a system reliable; the rest is based on operating policies and the people who make them work:

  • All support engineers are based in the U.S.
  • Biscom has a highly trained team of support engineers who can help you trouble shoot any type of problem and work with you until it is resolved.
  • 24 x 7 service is available to support mission-critical production fax operations.