Managed Services for Fax

Outsourced System Administration and Management of your Fax Environment

For many companies, employing highly specialized—and application specific— technical expertise can be cost prohibitive. With IIS Managed Services for Fax, companies benefit from the highly specialized fax expertise of the IIS team, without the high cost of maintaining that expertise on staff.

Critical Functions of Instant InfoSystems Managed Services for Fax

Instant InfoSystems Managed Services for Fax includes five key areas of system management: System Maintenance, System Health Check & Monitoring, General Administration, Reporting, and Help Desk.

System Maintenance

Instant InfoSystems ensures the routine administrative tasks necessary to keep your fax server running smoothly are performed on a daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed basis. Maintenance is a collection of tasks to clean up the SQL database. These tasks include:

  • Aging of faxes
  • Back up of shared directories and SQL database
  • Purge deleted faxes and failed work requests

System Health Check & Monitoring

Instant InfoSystems Managed Services for Fax is the most efficient way to ensure your fax infrastructure is operating at peak performance. These tasks monitor and confirm that the most mission critical functions are operating, including:

  • Sending and receiving
  • Email notification and fax attachments
  • All channels are online
  • All work requests and fax queues are purged

General Administration

With Instant InfoSystems Managed Services for Fax , IIS takes the burden of managing day-to-day administrative tasks off your internal team, freeing those resources for other purposes. Common administrative tasks performed on a daily, weekly, or as needed basis include:

  • Adding and deleting users and groups
  • Testing new accounts
  • Editing user accounts, profiles, and permissions
  • Adding, deleting, setting up cover sheets
  • Setting up and amending dialing rules
  • Setting aging for group faxes
  • Configuring fax channels
  • Re-licensing servers
  • Managing support tickets


Reporting is one of the most critical elements to ensure your fax environment is running smoothly. IIS will provide detailed reports based on your specific requirements. These reports may include:

  • Standard Reports
  • Exception Reports
  • Confirmation of Daily Tasks Executed
  • System Health Summary

Help Desk

With Instant InfoSystems Managed Services for Fax, our dedicated fax experts are on hand to provide support to your IT Help Desk team for fax-specific issues or questions your users may encounter. Additionally, your IIS Managed Services administrator will oversee the Case Initiation and Management Process should a technical issue arise which requires IIS Technical Support.


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