Key Factors to Consider When Managing Your Fax Environment

The Challenges in Finding Fax Expertise

In today’s world of ever-changing technology, fax remains one of the most secure methods of transmitting documents, particularly in highly regulated industries. Transmitting mission critical documents via fax remains one of the most ubiquitous transport methods and provides both security and reliability when exchanging confidential information. 

If fax is mission critical to your organization, you cannot afford downtime. And when problems do occur, it’s important to have the support needed to get your system running smoothly again. But let’s face it, fax is not a technology that is part of many IT Management courses these days. The pool of talent with this specialized expertise is shrinking and many companies struggle with finding someone to manage the fax environment. You may find they lack a high level of proficiency with fax technology or years of experience within a specific application. And, when you do find someone to fill the role, it often results in the high cost of recruiting, training, and maintaining the expertise on staff. 

That’s why many organizations are looking to outsource the task of managing their fax environment.

When it comes to finding the right partner to manage your critical fax environment, there are four key factors to consider in your evaluation: Implementation, Administration and Management, Technical  Support, and Depth of Expertise.


Expert installation and configuration of your fax software, and integrating it into your existing environment, allows for the seamless implementation of your fax applications across your entire organization.


Remote administration ensures the secure management of your fax environment, including faster error detections, and frees your administrative task for other critical projects.


Technical support ensures issues within your fax environment are identified and resolved as quickly as possible.

Depth of Expertise

Superior knowledge in both fax technology and surrounding applications is crucial to managing your fax environment.

Outsourcing the critical tasks of system maintenance, health checks, general administration, and reporting takes the burden of handling day-to-day system management off of your internal team, freeing those resources for other purposes. 

Additionally, trusting experienced fax experts with the installation of updates, upgrades, maintenance releases, and add-on modules will ensure your system stays up to date and optimized for peak performance. 

Instant InfoSystems Managed Services

Instant InfoSystems Managed Services provides all of these services from a team of seasoned fax experts. IIS Managed Services is part of the larger portfolio of technical services providing services in these three key areas:

World-Class Technical Support

One of the most important services of the IIS Technical Services Portfolio is our unparalleled Technical Support. Unlike other support providers who make you jump through hoops to reach the right person for support – or wait days for a callback – IIS has a team of skilled technicians who are ready to take your call and start working on your issue immediately.   

Some of the benefits of working with IIS: 

  • Average  hold-times under 2  minutes 
  • No triage 
  • No callbacks – your call is answered by an engineer ready to start solving your issue 

How do we do this? With a team of highly experienced support engineers who bring over 50 years of combined experience solving complex fax issues. 


To learn more about Instant InfoSystems’ Managed Services, schedule a consultation today.

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