Introducing stratafax Production Services: Enterprise-grade, production cloud faxing

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stratafax Production Services helps governments keep up with the growing volume of requests for social services

As a result of the economic impacts of COVID-19 many state and local governments are struggling to keep up with the volume of inbound requests for unemployment and other social services. In many cases, these requests must be submitted by fax and state agencies are finding they don’t have enough fax capacity to meet the demand, leading to a constant busy signal for users. Further, when faxes do arrive, they often accumulate at an in-office fax machine, leading to processing delays.  

Instant InfoSystems recently solved this problem for one state agency by quickly implementing stratafax® Production Fax Services, a cloud-based production fax solution. In a matter of hours, this state was able to scale up to an unlimited number of inbound fax channels, eliminating the busy signal bottleneck, and ensuring these important claims were automatically routed to the right person for processing. You can read more about this solution here: https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/changes-made-to-unemployment-filings-amid-economic-panic-due-to-coronavirus-pandemic 

stratafax Production Services (SPS) is the next generation cloud-based production fax solution designed to meet the needs of large enterprises and government agencies. SPS provides highly scalable, secure production faxing capabilities by sending and receiving fax transmissions over a secure internet transport, with no fax hardware required. SPS integrates with most enterprise and governmental applications (ERP, EHR, OnBase™, and more) and can be up and running in a matter of hours. 

Key features of stratafax Production Services include:

  • NEVER miss a fax due to a busy signal with unlimited, just-in-time, scalability
  • Automatically route faxes using DID fax lines to printers or file folders
  • Configure inbound fax files to be saved as PDF or TIFF
  • Use the DID fax numbers you already have in place
  • View and manage the fax inbox, and re-queue faxes to be resent to printer or file folder, with an intuitive user interface

If your organization is in need of a production-scale cloud fax solution, give us a call at 310.750.7200, email us, or download the stratafax Production Services data sheet to learn more.

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