Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplier Solutions

Fax solutions for pharmaceutical and medical suppliers

As a pharmaceutical or medical supplier, improving and simplifying healthcare supply chain business processes and reaching new customers by promoting your products and services is critical to your organization’s success. To reach these goals, many will need to lower operating expenses while supporting existing trading relationships and also establishing new ones. The enormous number and diversity of healthcare providers and the communication platforms they employ makes this is difficult proposition.

Instant InfoSystems helps suppliers increase efficiency and streamline billing processing and management using automated digital fax and document management solutions. For many suppliers, digital fax and document management provides a vital bridge between the paper and digital worlds. With our digital fax solutions, you can transfer electronic medical records and vital business information such as purchase orders, invoices and statements via fax, email, certified email, encrypted PDF or SMS. It also provides a simple way to reduce cost by eliminating paper and paper-based processes. In fact, many Instant InfoSystems customers who fax from our products have reduced document delivery costs by up to 90% by eliminating paper forms, postage, labor and equipment costs.


Medical Suppliers that Have Chosen Instant InfoSystems Solutions
  • Baxter Health
  • B Braun Medical
  • Boardman Medical Supply 
  • Liberty Medical Supply
  • Lincare Inc
  • Pfizer