Instant InfoSystems and Healthcare

Healthcare organizations face increasing demands from patients and healthcare providers for high quality care and the payers’ need for cost control. These challenges are compounded by privacy concerns and heightened regulatory requirements. The same companies are feeling increasing pressure to digitize content, improve internal workflow processes, ensure regulatory compliance of electronic medical records (EMRs), and deliver information more quickly. These problems must be solved while reducing costs and safeguarding information security.

If your application can print, then it can be fax-enabled Instant InfoSystems. This has been a true statement since the first fax server over 25 years years ago. Since then, however, organizations demand more robust tool sets and interfaces to securely fax-enable their healthcare applications. That is why whether on Windows 32/64 bit operating systems, Unix/Linux, IBM, host, legacy or mainframe platforms, Instant InfoSystems can securely and reliably integrate fax into your environment today. Backed up a by a world-class professional services team, IIS can help drive healthcare organizations towards a more compliant, secure and integrated EMR/EHR environment.

HIS Integrations

Instant InfoSystems brings over 20 years experience helping healthcare providers, payers, and suppliers overcome these challenges by creating an integrated and fully-automated digital fax solution that leverages your existing medical IT resources. As the fax market leader with 25 years of experience and more than 10,000 healthcare installations worldwide, Instant InfoSystems can help you implement the enterprise fax solution that will help you reach your goals quickly, simply, and securely.


Communicate patient information quickly and securely while simplifying compliance and empowering you to focus on what matters most – enhancing patient care.


Accelerate claims processing, medical handling and other management activities by providing instantaneous information delivery via fax, email, certified email and encrypted PDF.


Automate the exchange of business information with customers and suppliers and improve response time while reducing document delivery costs.