Instant InfoSystems and Financial Services

For banking and financial trading organizations, Instant InfoSystems can recommend the most trusted method for sending and receiving millions of confidential documents every year. As a  centralized document delivery hub, IIS fax solutions support full regulatory compliance, provides tamper resistant document delivery and receipt as well as encrypted and certified delivery options.

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Globalization, increased competition, stricter regulations, and new market opportunities are all driving widespread changes in the way the financial services operate. As a result, financial services providers are facing new challenges in customer retention, cost control, compliance, and creating new revenue streams.

Security pressures – Provide secure, reliable and timely information to customers, partners, and regulating agencies

Confidentiality pressures – Maintain confidentiality of sensitive financial documents

Regulatory pressures – Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Basell II, and more

Productivity and efficiency – Automate paper-intensive business processes to increase business performance

Financial pressures – Cut the costs of providing financial services, improve return on investment, and maintain profitability

Competitive pressures – Retain customers in a competitive marketplace

Cutting Edge technology – Create new revenue-generating products and services by leveraging your technology

Organizational pressures – Integrate with front- and back-office applications to extend and leverage current computing environments

Technology plays an important role in the industry’s drive to differentiate and compete. Companies are looking for low-risk, high-return information technology solutions. They want to simplify, integrate and extend their current computing environments, leveraging investments in legacy technologies while breaking new ground in electronic commerce. As a result, they are interested in technology that is:

  • Low-risk with a high-return on investment
  • Proven and reliable
  • Secure, ensuring confidentiality
  • Simple and integrated with front- and back-office applications to extend and leverage current computing environments
  • Timely, efficient and universally accessible
  • Easy to install, use and manage
  • Supportive of electronic commerce
  • Flexible and scalable

Support for Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance to Regulatory Mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach Bliley-just to name a few-place tough privacy, security, and accountability rules on business and their executives. The stakes are high if organizations do not meet the new standards for corporate compliance. To meet corporate compliance requirements, in many instances, means that organizations must find business process automation and information delivery solutions that can help protect communication security and accuracy while providing fast, efficient delivery of governed business information.

Instant InfoSystems provides process automation tools to securely process, manage, track, and distribute the corporate data and documents required to demonstrate accountability, control, and financial transparency. This helps support compliance to Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm Leach Bliley and other regulatory guidelines.

Fax Solution Features that Support Compliance Efforts

  • Automates delivery of business information to help safeguard information accuracy and security
  • Provides a centralized communications hub for corporate financial information delivery
  • Enables secure and encrypted electronic delivery of financial information for added security and privacy
  • Facilitates tamper-resistant Information transmission by delivering information in a non-erasable format
  • Improves document tracking, storage and audit trail

Fax Benefits for Financial Services

  • Automates document delivery and receipt, eliminating paper-handling and reducing opportunities for unauthorized view or usage of financial information
  • Delivers information over a secure PSTN tamper-resistant PDF or TIFF image to reduce opportunities for alteration or fraud during delivery
  • Provides encrypted and certified delivery options to enhance communication security and privacy
  • Streamlines document delivery processes and eliminates error-prone, inefficient manual routines that could breach security and privacy guidelines
  • Provides document tracking, storage, and reporting tools for audit trail of fax communications
  • Routes documents directly to a designated recipient, limiting access to only those who need the information