Important Information Regarding a stratafax™ Upgrade

We have exciting news about a significant upgrade to stratafax™. On March 26, 2022, at 10:00 PM PST, stratafax will be moving to a new datacenter which will provide several performance enhancements for security, compliance, and business continuity.

Here are a few of the improvements you can expect with this change:


       Enhanced data protection by isolating customer environments within their own tenant network

       Protection of business continuity by using a multi-site design with built-in Disaster Recovery

       Improved email security through multiple layers of anti-spam and antivirus protection, along with outbound email encryption

       Utilization of multiple layers of IPS/IDS to better protect inbound traffic

       Use of perimeter (DMZ) zone for web facing servers

       Enhanced Endpoint Protection (AV)

       Outbound Web Traffic Filtering

       Continued SOC II Compliance

What You Need To Know

With this upgrade comes some important information for you to be aware of, and changes that may impact your environment. Please read the following information carefully.


User and Administration Interfaces

This migration to the new datacenter will have no impact on the user or administrative interfaces, so no user or admin training will be required. The stratafax software version will remain the same but will be migrated to a new datacenter.


Sending Faxes via Email (email to fax)

The process for sending faxes via email will not change. This functionality will remain the same. Faxes will continue to be addressed to Fax#@fax.stratafax.com.


IP Address

The fax.stratafax.com IP Address is moving from to If you have hardcoded DNS entries, you will need to update these. The TTL on the domain is set to 600 Sec. Therefore, the DNS routes should be updated fairly quickly.


If you have trouble getting to the site https://fax.stratafax.com after the move, make sure that your DNS is resolving to IP address



If you are whitelisting the IP addresses in your email environment, when emailing to @fax.stratafax.com, you will need to update your rules to allow traffic to:


The old IP Addresses can be removed after successful cutover on March 26, 2022.


Service Outage

We are anticipating a 1-hour outage while the final database and images are migrated to the new datacenter. We have an active replication, so the down time will consist of taking the old database, attaching in the new environment, and bringing up the websites in the new datacenter. Once successfully verified, all DNS records will be pointed to the new datacenter.


Backup Plan

In the event that we encounter any unforeseen issues, we will immediately revert the changes back to the existing datacenter and communicate this out to our customers.


Additional Changes

We do not intend to implement any additional changes to the features and functionality of stratafax at this time. However, we do look forward to an exciting software upgrade for stratafax in the coming months. Here are some of the feature enhancements coming later this year:


  • Updated user interface
  • Updated SSO validation and security (ability to login from the page instead of having to go through your iDP first)
  • Updated API
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Self-service user onboarding


As we get closer to the implementation of these new features, we will communicate additional details and the upgrade schedule with our customers.


Stay Up to Date

To remain updated on the changes taking place and notified when the services come back up, be sure to subscribe to the status page. https://stratafax.statuspage.io/

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Instant InfoSystems, your stratafax solution provider, at support@stratafax.com.


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