IIS Best Effort Support for RightFax™

IIS Best Effort Support for RightFax™ provides world-class RightFax™ support without the commitment of an OpenText™ Support Agreement

If you are looking for outstanding protection of your RightFax™ environment, but do not want to commit to an OpenText™ Support Agreement, IIS Best Effort Support for RightFax™ is an ideal option.

IIS Best Effort Support for RightFax™ is designed for companies that:

  • Are considering an alternative to RightFax™, but need support coverage while exploring other options
  • Are implementing a new fax solution from IIS but need to ensure the RightFax™ environment remains supported during the implementation
  • Have an OpenText™ RightFax™ Support Agreement nearing expiration and are looking for more flexible and economical RightFax™ support options
  • Use a version of RightFax™ software nearing or past the Sustaining Maintenance date and do not intend to upgrade
  • Need expert technical support for their RightFax™ environment but do not need escalation to OpenText™ for patches or bug fixes

Because of our 25+ years of experience supporting RightFax™ and numerous technical certifications in the critical applications which surround RightFax™, IIS is in the unique position to provide Best Effort support for your RightFax™ environment. 

With IIS Best Effort Support for RightFax™ you benefit from:

  • First line technical support from Instant InfoSystems senior fax engineers available 12×5 or 24x7x365
  • Average hold times of under two minutes—with calls answered by a Level 3 Engineer ready to help
  • North American-based technical support team staffed with seasoned fax specialists
  • “One stop shop” for all RightFax™ support issues, including RightFax™ environments cloud-enabled with etherFAX™ 
  • Flexible support plans, available in the time increment you require, to avoid any gaps in the protection of your critical fax environment

To learn more about IIS Best Effort Support, contact an IIS Fax Specialist today.





Instant InfoSystems is an independent provider of OpenText™ RightFax™ services and support. OpenText™ RightFax™ is a registered trademark of OpenText Corporation. Instant InfoSystems is not an authorized partner of OpenText™ or reseller of OpenText™ products or OpenText™ support plans.


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