How Employees Can Stay Connected Post – Pandemic

Remote working has become the new norm among many businesses since the pandemic. Many businesses have rapidly adapted to communication via a variety of audio/visual channels. In the year 2020 alone, Microsoft Teams’ total video calls grew by 1000%, while Zoom’s stock grew by as much as 354%. This new way in which teams communicate and collaborate is here to stay, especially as technologies such as UCaaS and CCaaS allow companies to expand their teams beyond the four walls of their physical location.

IT leaders are also tasked with more responsibilities as they migrate their infrastructure to accommodate the new way we work. However, for your business to take advantage of these changes while maintaining or surpassing the productivity level recorded in the past, there are certain approaches to be mindful of. Below are some of the pathways for transitioning from the usual work environment to the new normal.

Internet Technology Priorities For The New Work Environment

Be aware that the new normal for your business or industry will vary from others. You need to find a solution that works for you and your business. To ensure that you get the solution that maintains or boosts your productivity, you need to plan. While some businesses cannot do without the physical presence of all or some employees at their office, others can achieve more by having all members of their teams work remotely. Whatever the route your business decides to take, whether you are returning fully to work, adopting a fully remote work environment, or choosing a hybrid work approach, you need to know that connectivity remains the bedrock of your business. While making this decision, consider your employees’ well-being and keep them updated with the latest information and work practices.

Maintain Flexibility And Connectivity

If your business has decided to operate remotely, there must be some sort of flexibility that comes with this. Depending on the business demands and the roles of each employee, communication is key towards making sure that each team member is productive and engaged in their responsibilities. Keep an open dialog with your teams and ask for input and feedback on new and better approaches that will allow each team member to do their job more successfully, communicate their challenges more effectively, and enjoy the flexibility that comes with a fully remote work environment.

Health And Safety Are Top Priorities

Going back to the office? Maintaining a healthy work environment is crucial. Simple steps like providing disinfecting wipes for each employee’s desk and ensuring common spaces like kitchens, conference rooms and copy rooms are frequently wiped down will make a big difference in preventing the spread of germs. Hand sanitizer stations in common spaces and building entrances are also a good idea. In addition to this, make sure you have clearly communicated the protocol for quarantining and returning to work if an employee does come in with the virus.

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