Learn how to improve your customer experience with Transactional Email

Delight Your Customers with Transactional Email

What is Transactional Email?

Everyone hates slow email, especially your customers. Transactional email involves the quick and reliable process of automated emails being exchanged between sender and recipient. These emails play an essential role in the customer journey as they often respond to customer inquiries, interactions, and interests. The key difference between transactional email and regular email is that it is triggered by a specific event such as engagement, events, or changes of status within an application by a consumer. 

What are the different uses for Transactional Email?

Transactional Email has many types of uses that enhance the overall customer experience. Some examples include: 

Password Resets: Based on your unique programs, you’ll want a fast and secure email to be sent out automatically when a customer requests to change their login credentials

Shopping Cart Abandonment: Shopping notifications remind your customers that they were viewing items and may entice them to complete the purchase 

Order/Purchase Confirmation: A summary of purchase information allows your customer to have a digital receipt at the time of their order

Status Updates on Products or Services: Timely updates set customers at ease as they wait for updated information on order confirmations, deliveries, inventory changes, travel status, or user agreements

Customer Feedback: Immediate contact post purchase allows your customers to evaluate their experience and provide feedback for improvement

What are the benefits of using Transactional Email?

One of the key benefits of using Transactional Email is improving the customer experience and increasing customer retention. Having frequent and responsive communication with your customers creates reactivated interest. For example, if a customer forgets about an item in their cart and is reminded through email, they may be more likely to go back and complete the purchase. Another benefit is being able to track these transactional emails in order to better target your customers. Tracking the opens and clicks of automated emails are a great way of recognizing whether you’re engaging your customers.


Key Considerations

There are a few major considerations when implementing Transactional Email. One of the most important considerations is the system’s adherence to international and local compliance requirements regarding the use of personal data. It is critical that the transactional email solution adheres to GDPR, CAN-SPAM and other regulations governing the use of outbound email.

Similarly, another consideration is reputation management of your company including dynamic IP routings according to sender domain. It is crucial that you consider a Transactional Email solution that protects your company’s sender domain and your sender reputation. 

Additionally, professional support ensures a smooth set up of the automated email process and operation. Consider a Transactional Email solution from a company that can provide a full spectrum of services and support to ensure a smooth implementation. 

Contact us to learn more about how Transactional Email could benefit your business and build stronger customer relationships. 

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