Staying Power: High praise for Instant InfoSystems from a respected industry leader

    It is always rewarding when the work of your organization is recognized within the industry. But, when that recognition comes from a long-time industry veteran who understands the significance of the company’s challenges and accomplishments from an insider’s viewpoint, the recognition is that much sweeter. Such is the case with the recent analysis of Instant InfoSystems […]

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Fax in the Cloud – Your Biggest Concerns

Fax in the Cloud Concerns

Your Biggest Concerns with Fax in the Cloud Instant InfoSystems recently hosted a webinar that explained how customers could harness the power of the etherFAX Integration Module to securely integrate their legacy applications and existing fax servers in the cloud. We surveyed hundreds of customer to discover what their biggest concern with fax in the […]

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Focused on the Customer; Focused on Fax

A letter from the CEO of Instant InfoSystems If you are reading this letter, chances are your company relies heavily on faxing for mission critical, secure document transmission. Thousands of companies do. Ironically, some outside the industry believe Fax is an obsolete technology. We know that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, we […]

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