RightFax™ Support Renewal Policies

RIGHTFAX™ SUPPORT CUSTOMERS: OpenText™ support renewal policies could have a financial impact on your RightFax™ support renewal If you use RightFax™ and currently have a RightFax™ support agreement, we’d like to make you aware of renewal policies in the OpenText™ Protect™ Software Maintenance Program that may have a financial impact on your support renewal. These policies specifically …

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If you are considering an upgrade to RightFax™ 10.6 FP3, you should be aware of a possible performance anomaly if you do not also upgrade your client software. According to the OpenText™ RightFax™ 10.6 FP3 Installation Guide, some server and client combinations may result in a loss of functionality: “Server and client features are highly …


RightFax™ 10.6 Feature Pack 3 Service Release 1

RightFax™ 10.6 Feature Pack 3 Service Release 1 is now available. OpenText™ recently released RightFax™ 10.6 Feature Pack 3 Service Release 1. This release addresses a number of errors found within Feature Pack 3 related to the conversion engine, alerting, email gateways, DocTransport, Web Client, FaxUtil and Exchange Web Services. Anyone considering installing the latest …

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RightFax™ Service Release

OpenText™ has recently released RightFax™ 10.6, FP2, SR3. This latest release contains a collection of bug fixes for your RightFax™ environment. For a complete list of fixed issues and installation instructions, please refer to the Release Notes in the OpenText™ Knowledge Center.  Instant InfoSystems has tested this release and recommends installing in environments requiring the specific fixes. …

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RightFax™ 10.6 Known Conversion Issues

OpenText™ has confirmed a known conversion issue with RightFax™ 10.6. According to the latest OpenText™ Technical Alert, “In OpenText™ RightFax™ 10.6, fax information may get delivered to the wrong recipient. The tracking number for this issue is RF-13998.”  The issue exists when the content of a document fails conversion. When this happens, the content that fails conversion …

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Focused on the Customer; Focused on Fax

A letter from the CEO of Instant InfoSystems If you are reading this letter, chances are your company relies heavily on faxing for mission critical, secure document transmission. Thousands of companies do. Ironically, some outside the industry believe Fax is an obsolete technology. We know that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, we …

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Affordable Care Act — Are you ready?

Today’s Supreme Court ruling upholds the Affordable Care Act. In addition to changing the way healthcare services are delivered and administered in the US, the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, also includes dramatic changes in the way electronic medical records (EMRs) are managed and transmitted between patients, practitioners, and insurers. Fax has traditionally been, and …

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Live Webinar: Delight Your Customers with Transactional Email

Customer expectations have never been higher for an immediate response to inquiries and interactions with your company.   Join Instant InfoSystems and Retarus To learn …

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Key Factors to Consider When Managing Your Fax Environment

The Challenges in Finding Fax Expertise In today’s world of ever-changing technology, fax remains one of the most secure methods of transmitting documents, particularly in …

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