6 Benefits of Automating Your Healthcare Processes

Save Time and Money with Healthcare Process Automation

A large part of maintaining meaningful engagement with your patients is through timely communication such as reminder calls, scheduling appointments, surveys, and follow-ups. But all too often, these calls go unanswered and the patients that miss these calls are expected to call back and either wait for an available representative or for office hours to open.

This system of communication wastes both patient and staff time. Healthcare staff is often overwhelmed with more critical tasks and manually handling patient outreach detracts from patient care and negatively impacts the patient experience. 

Healthcare Process Automation simplifies this process of contacting patients, scheduling appointments, and reminding patients of information leading up to an appointment. Here are six ways automating

Here are six ways automating your communication and referral processes can improve your business.

Boosted Productivity

Reduce manual data entry and the amount of phone calls needed for appointment scheduling and reminders, while also minimizing workflow disruptions.

Fewer Document Errors

Automatically resolve data discrepancy between documents and patient information, and send faxes back immediately if there is missing information.

Cost Savings

Simplify the management of incoming referral requisitions to eliminate the need for traditional fax machines and reduce the amount of time and costs needed to process referrals manually. 

Easier Document Workflow

Expedite signed orders, book appointments more efficiently, and eliminate the need for resending appointment documents due to failed fax transmissions.

Reduce No-Shows

Remind patients of upcoming visits and help them confirm, cancel, or reschedule. You will also have the automated ability to follow up with no-shows and rebook them.

Ensure Patient Confidentiality

Gain access to a detailed audit trail to find when a document has gone into the system, and who has accessed. Managers are also able to know when a document gets printed or edited.

Our partner, Process Fusion, is a cloud-managed platform that helps organizations save time and money by automating end-to-end business processes. Their Scheduling Assist module from the CapturePoint solution is a 24/7, multilingual chatbot assistant for engaging patients, using 2-way interactive texting, automating workflows and making transactions directly in your EHR.

This process is able to automate anything that revolves around the transmission, processing, reporting and the analysis of data. When it comes to automation for hospitals and healthcare organizations, there are many options.

Staff Communication: A universal inbox hub with electronic fax and document management can also help reduce communication redundancies.

Patient Communication: A secure text automation can easily send one text message to a patient that links them to a verification page and once they enter in their date of birth, it will allow them to receive lab results.

Machine Learning: This model seeks to give information to an organization to help improve decision making. The machine learns the dataset and can provide information about how the data points to a view of the overall process.

Referral Documents: By deploying a single collaboration and automation platform that integrates with your existing EHR, physicians can place a home health referral, order DME, submit paperwork for approval and file a record to the patient’s chart all digitally without touching paper.

Data Workflows: These types of modifications in the traditional process can help reduce errors, improve efficiency and reduce costs by improving turnaround times on the review of healthcare referrals.

To learn more about how a Healthcare Process Automation can improve you operations, contact us today.

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