In Case You Missed It: Fax in the Cloud Risk Mitigation Webinar

Moving enterprise fax services to the cloud has become the newest trend with faxing. But, many companies are concerned with the perceived risks of a cloud environment, including network outages and security breaches. Ironically, the industries most concerned with the potential risks of cloud faxing are often the biggest users of fax.

Instant InfoSystems recently hosted a 2-day webinar event to address risk mitigation concerns with both fully hosted fax solutions and hybrid fax solutions. Security, regulatory compliance, disaster recovery and high availability were all key topics during this webinar series. 


  • Day 1: Retarus— Presented by Christian Graninger, Senior Sales Engineer at Retarus and Fernando Lopez, Sales Engineer at Instant InfoSystems
  • A fully hosted fax solution best compared to OpenText™’s EasyLink™ Fax2Mail™ offering, but with key differentiators in cost, functionality, design and minimum licensing agreements.
    • Security: AES, HTTPS, forced TLS, VPN, SSL encryption
    • Regulatory Compliance: PCI‐DSS, HIPAA, SOX, Tier 4 DC SSA16 and ISAE3402 certification
    • Disaster Recovery: Real‐time failover, global data centers, defined SLAs
    • High Availability: Never Busy Technology, dynamic routing, infrastructure operating at 30% max capacity, 7 fully redundant Hot/Hot US, EU, Asia Data Centers fully synchronized

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  • Day 2: etherFAX Hybrid-Cloud Enablement for RightFax™— Presented by Paul Banco, CEO at etherFAX and Fernando Lopez, Sales Engineer at Instant InfoSystems
  • etherFAX for RightFax™ is a data transmission solution that harnesses the power of the cloud to accelerate performance for existing RightFax™ servers, while allowing users to maintain on-premise control.
    • Security: Defense in depth, multi-level encryption (transport and message level encryption using ECC), military grade, exceeds NIST/NSA standards, CIDR restriction rules
    • Regulatory Compliance: HIPAA, SOX, PCI‐DSS Certification (Level‐1‐In Scope 3 Process)
    • Disaster Recovery: Immediate Disaster Recovery and fault tolerance, global data centers
    • High Availability: Four Nines Reliability, Real-time Network, Load Balancing, Active-Active Configuration

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