Your Biggest Concerns with Fax in the Cloud

Instant InfoSystems recently hosted a webinar that explained how customers could harness the power of the etherFAX Integration Module to securely integrate their legacy applications and existing fax servers in the cloud. We surveyed hundreds of customer to discover what their biggest concern with fax in the cloud was, and the results were very interesting!

The top three concerns of users were as follows:

Security (30%) – Needless to say, security is always at the forefront of a business’s needs when they utilize fax technology. Because fax is one of the most ubiquitous and secure forms of messaging and document delivery, it is widely used among industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Banking, Insurance and Life Sciences that carefully scrutinize their document transportation methods.
Cost (18%) – When considering a cloud solution, it is always crucial to evaluate TCO and create an ROI timeline. Organizations should consider a variety of factors; cost per page, licensing agreements, minimum commitments, porting fees and volume minimums. With the number of cloud-based fax solutions available on the market today, organizations should also consider evaluating more then one offering rather then relying exclusively on their current vendor.
Regulatory Compliance (12%) – Companies today face a wide net of both internal and external regulations like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, PHI and FINRA. When evaluating a fax in the cloud solution it is important not only to verify that a solution is compliant, but also to understand how that solution achieves compliance standards. Any vendor can slap a HIPAA or PCI compliance sticker on a brochure – which is why instant InfoSystems recommends evaluating a number of factors such as data centers, authentication, access protocols and technical safeguards.

Fax in the Cloud Concerns


Instant InstantSystems has partnered with the world’s leading fax technology providers to accelerate our fully hosted and hybrid fax in cloud offerings. To educate yourself more on fax in the cloud technology and security, please help yourself to some reading material from our document library:



Further questions regarding fax in the cloud security, cost, and regulatory compliance can be answered by contacting us directly via e-mail or by phone at (866) 830-3248.