Retarus President and CEO Steve MacDiarmid and Instant InfoSystems CEO David Klein in the air over Los Angeles


Every January our company comes together for our annual Kick-Off Meetings. I always look forward to this time with our team. We spend several days reflecting on our accomplishments of the past year, looking ahead to new opportunities, and collaborating on how we can push ourselves further to serve our customers even better.

Each year, we invite our key partners to this event, to share their product road maps and plans for the future. This year was very special; we were fortunate to have seven industry leaders join us to share their vision for the future of fax and secure document delivery.  

If you think fax is dead, think again.

Over the course of three days, we heard from industry leaders including etherFAX, Biscom, Retarus, FaxCore, XMediusstratafax, and STR Software. Not only does fax continue to be the most ubiquitous and relied-upon form of transmitting secure documents, but these market leaders are advancing the industry and the technology with innovations that improve security, compliance, and interoperability.  

We learned of innovations such as:

  • Secure networks that improve the security of document transmissions through end-to-end encryption
  • Sophisticated administrative dashboards and dynamic reporting features which simplify system monitoring and maintenance
  • Next-generation network infrastructures which protect companies from the impact of network outages (like we saw with the Level 3 outage last year)
  • Integrations that allow companies to securely send documents directly from their ERP environments – with built-in receipt confirmations
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS which improve usability and accessibility

Plus, we heard from the founders of the Fax Federation – an independent consortium of fax industry veterans that has created the world’s largest fax network. With over 10 million end-points in this growing ecosystem, companies in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, legal, and insurance can rely on lightning-fast fax transmissions with guaranteed delivery of mission critical and sensitive documents.

I can honestly say, in our 24 years of business, I have never been this excited about the future of fax. If you are still using a legacy fax server, it’s time to consider a solution built for the 21st century – a solution that helps you achieve your organization’s goals for security, compliance, reliability, interoperability, and accessibility.

As the largest independent provider of fax solutions in North America, we have the products and the expertise to meet the specific needs of your organization. Give us a call. We’d love to learn more about how we can help.

David Klein, CEO
Instant InfoSystems