RightFax™ 10.6 Feature Pack 3 Service Release 1 is now available.

OpenText™ recently released RightFax™ 10.6 Feature Pack 3 Service Release 1. This release addresses a number of errors found within Feature Pack 3 related to the conversion engine, alerting, email gateways, DocTransport, Web Client, FaxUtil and Exchange Web Services.

Anyone considering installing the latest Feature Pack release should also be aware of the following:

  • RightFax™ users who install Feature Pack 3 will lose access to WebUtil. You will now be required to use WebClient.
  • Users of Office 2016 should note that Office 2016 documents received by the fax server will be converted only if Office 2013 is installed on the server and may require the Office 2016 compatibility pack.

As with all new Service Releases, Instant InfoSystems recommends that customers do not upgrade until it has undergone extensive testing by IIS’s internal technical team. For more information, contact Instant InfoSystems today.





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