OpenText™ has recently released RightFax™ 10.6, FP2, SR3. This latest release contains a collection of bug fixes for your RightFax™ environment. For a complete list of fixed issues and installation instructions, please refer to the Release Notes in the OpenText™ Knowledge Center

Instant InfoSystems has tested this release and recommends installing in environments requiring the specific fixes. Please note, this release does not support the Office 2016 Outlook Plug-in. If you are using the Office 2016 Outlook Plug-In, please contact Instant InfoSystems prior to installing this release to avoid any further performance issues within your environment.

Keep in mind, RightFax™ version 10.5 will reach Sustaining Maintenance in November of 2016, at which time no new development for service packs, patches, or hot fixes will be available. RightFax™ versions 10.0 and earlier have already reached Sustaining Maintenance. If you are running a version of RightFax™ that has reached or is nearing Sustaining Maintenance, contact IIS to learn about your upgrade options and to save as much as 40% on your next RightFax™ support renewal.

However, if you are considering an alternative to RightFax™, as many of our customers have, we would love to discuss with you the broad portfolio of market-leading fax solutions we offer including FaxCoreBiscomXMediusFAXetherFAXstratafax, and more. These products may provide a more suitable, sophisticated and reliable solution for secure document transmission. Contact an IIS Fax Specialist to learn more. 





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