If your RightFax™ environment is integrated with third-party applications, it is critical that you contact IIS before performing an upgrade to version 10.6, FP2, SR2. This latest release does not support the current versions of many commonly integrated applications. These applications include:

Microsoft Exchange 2016 — support for Exchange 2016 is not expected until RightFax™ 10.6, FP3 is released

Microsoft Windows 10 — this release of Windows requires RightFax™ 10.6, FP2. However, RightFax™ 10.6 FP2 includes known conversion issues that may result in HIPAA violations for your organization

Microsoft SQL Server — all versions of SQL after 2012 

Dialogic software — most recent two releases of Dialogic software are not supported in RightFax™ 10.6

Adobe Reader — Adobe Reader version is not supported 

Epic 2014 — RightFax™ no longer uses the API to integrate Epic 2014 but now requires the Integration Module

Lotus Notes — Lotus Notes is not supported in any version of RightFax™ after 9.0

If you are currently using RightFax™ integrated with any of these applications, now is an excellent time to consider alternative fax solutions that will provide more reliable performance, leverage more sophisticated technology, and keep up with the continual changes in surrounding applications. To learn more, contact an IIS Fax Specialist today.





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