What is the difference between RightFax™ Current Maintenance and Sustaining Maintenance?

You may have heard these terms used by OpenText™ to describe the various levels of support offered for RightFax™ over the course of the product’s lifecycle. Here is a brief description RightFax™ Current Maintenance and Sustaining Maintenance.

Current Maintenance

When OpenText™ releases a new version of RightFax™, that software version is considered fully supported during the first five years following release. This period is known as “Current Maintenance.” During the Current Maintenance phase, ongoing development continues for service packs, patches, and hot fixes. Users may request feature enhancements, and access to all technical and product information is available online including technical documentation, articles, discussion forums, webinars, and other events.

Sustaining Maintenance

Following the Current Maintenance period, RightFax™ reaches the “Sustaining Maintenance” phase. During this time, OpenText™ will provide technical support and online access to technical documentation, but customers cannot report product defects and no new development work is done on that version.

Keep in mind, customers with an IIS Support Agreement will continue to receive the same level of technical support from Instant InfoSystems, regardless of their RightFax™ software version.

For a complete listing of RightFax™ software versions and their associated support status, click here. For more information about the support status of your RightFax™ servers, please contact IIS.





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