If you are considering an upgrade to RightFax 10.6 FP3, you should be aware of a possible performance anomaly if you do not also upgrade your client software. According to the OpenText RightFax 10.6 FP3 Installation Guide, some server and client combinations may result in a loss of functionality:

Server and client features are highly interdependent. RightFax 10.6 Feature Pack 3 features require that both servers and clients run the latest version of the software. The following RightFax server and client combinations are also supported, but will result in a loss of functionality: 10.6 Feature Pack 3 servers with 10.6, 10.5, and 10.0 clients.”

Instant InfoSystems’ engineering team has discovered a specific loss of functionality within RightFax 10.6 FP3. Users of RightFax 10.6 FP3 who still use the RightFax 10.5 client may experience issues refreshing their fax list, and as a result have their fax statuses fail to update. RightFax users who want to upgrade their server but not their RightFax client need to take this into consideration and should contact Instant InfoSystems to understand risks involved with a RightFax upgrade.