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08 Aug 11

RightFax 10: Important Information about MFP Connectors

category: fax server products RightFax Tech Tips

author: Rick Horwitz

At IIS, we understand there are a variety of ways documents are sent and received in and out of an organization through RightFax.  One of the popular integrations organizations find with RightFax is with their MFPs.  With the release of RightFax 10, the OpenText RightFax MFP Connector for Sharp and the MFP Connector for Canon will no longer be sold.  These connectors are being replaced by the OpenText RightFax SMTP Connector for MFPs.  If you are planning to update to OpenText RightFax 10 we recommend contacting IIS immediately, info@instantinfosystems.com.

Instant InfoSystems and OpenText will continue to support the current OpenText RightFax MFP Connector for Sharp and the MFP Connector for Canon for three years and the new SMTP MFP Connector provides similar functionality to the Canon and Sharp connector.  Complete details of the SMTP MFP connector can be found at:


You may exchange your Canon and Sharp MFP connectors for the OpenText SMTP MFP Connector for MFPs at no charge.  If you have further questions regarding your specific RightFax system or would like help planning your upgrade please give us a call at (310) 750-7200.  

Note:  If you purchased your Canon MFP connectors directly from Canon you will need to provide the serial number of the connector and you may be subject to incremental support charges when migrating from the Canon connector to the SMTP connector.


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